Washington State Lawyers Directory

Provider: Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA)
Jurisdiction: State of Washington

This dataset includes 60 thousand lawyers and legal practice officers licensed with Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts. Each entity is registered with license nubmer, full name, employer, practice location, contact information, admitted year, etc.

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Lawyer NameCompany NameAddressAdmit DateLicense Status
David Dorfman555 Massachusetts Ave Nw Apt 1216, Washington, DC 20001-47402021-05-17Active
Stephen Adam Weisbrod1200 New Hampshire Ave Nw Ste 400, Washington, DC 20036-68322021-04-27Active
Emilie Marie De Lozier1800 M St Nw Ste 800n, Washington, DC 20036-58502021-03-10Active
Eric Matthew Merrill555 11th St Nw Ste 1000, Washington, DC 20004-13592021-01-26Active
Eric Ian Goldberg750 9th St Nw Ste 750, Washington, DC 20001-45892021-01-14Active
Patrick C Rock1661 Crescent Pl Nw Apt 510, Washington, DC 20009-40492020-11-18Active
Brittany Kaye Peet Esq1536 16th St Nw, Washington, DC 20036-14022020-11-18Active
Jeffrey Lawrence Licitra3701 Connecticut Ave Nw Apt 328, Washington, DC 20008-45032020-10-15Active
Andrew Craig Cooper1050 Thomas Jefferson St Nw Ste 700, Washington, DC 20007-38182020-07-28Active
Kaci Wyn Poor153 T St Nw, Washington, DC 20001-16382020-03-06Active
Brittney Anne Dimond6 Rhode Island Ave Nw Apt 3, Washington, DC 20001-10232020-01-13Active
Joshua Thomas Ferrentino888 1st St Ne, Washington, DC 20426-00012019-10-28Voluntarily Resigned
Kevin Kennedy1445 Oak St Nw Apt 12, Washington, DC 20010-19462019-10-28Active
Megan Tomoko Mcguire1111 Constitution Ave Nw Rm 3554, Washington, DC 20224-00012019-07-18Active
Derril B. JordanPeebles Kidder401 9th St Nw Ste 700, Washington, DC 20004-21742019-05-30Active
Madeline Lamo1156 15th St Nw Ste 1020, Washington, DC 20005-17542019-05-23Active
Katherine Kaiser Moy950 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Ste 6500, Washington, DC 20530-00092019-03-08Active
Andre Castillo301 Maryland Ave Ne, Washington, DC 20002-57112019-02-27Active
Andrew Ryan Mcardell1519 1st St Nw, Washington, DC 20001-11092019-02-21Active
Peter Fischer Black1215 19th St Nw, Washington, DC 20036-24012018-11-28Active
Michael Andrew Dawson3431 34th St Nw, Washington, DC 20008-32932018-11-07Active
Amee Frodle850 10th St Nw, Washington, DC 20001-49562018-11-02Active
Nicole Stenchever400 2nd St Nw Rm 310, Washington, DC 20217-00012018-10-29Active
Cassandra Webster Lenning Esq601 Massachusetts Ave Nw Ste 200w, Washington, DC 20001-53702018-10-29Active
Christian James Gobel1800 Massachusetts Ave. Nw, Washington, DC 200362018-10-22Voluntarily Resigned
Renee Karol Reasoner625 Indiana Ave Nw Ste 900, Washington, DC 20004-29502018-10-15Inactive
Erik Michael Martes531 Florida Ave Nw Unit B, Washington, DC 20001-18502018-10-15Active
Corey Michael Krzan1700 Euclid St Nw Unit A3, Washington, DC 20009-28702018-10-09Active
Ashley Ryan Riveira1001 Pennsylvania Ave Nw # 10, Washington, DC 20004-25432018-09-11Active
Saira Nayak3050 K St Nw Ste 400, Washington, DC 20007-51002018-08-02Active
Matthew Daniel Hardin1725 I St Nw Ste 300, Washington, DC 20006-24232018-07-09Active
Michelle Erin Litteken1245 13th St. Nw, 815, Washington, DC 200052018-06-14Active
Eunice Hyunhye Cho915 15th St. Nw, 7th Floor, Washington, DC 200052018-06-14Active
Hyland Hunt300 New Jersey Ave Nw Ste 900, Washington, DC 20001-22712018-06-07Active
John Patrick BaileyKirkland & Ellis LLP, 1301 Pennsylvania Ave.,, N.w., Washington, DC 200042018-06-07Active
Arvind JairamPaul Hastings LLP2050 M St Nw, Washington, DC 20036-33572018-05-11Active
Nicole M KeenSmiths Interconnect818 Connecticut Ave Nw Ste 450, Washington, DC 20006-27282018-04-11Active
Michael Johnson Songer950 Pennsylvania Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20530-00092018-03-15Active
Allison Marie Tjemsland1099 New York Ave Nw Ste 900, Washington, DC 20001-44122018-01-11Active
Ude Lu5028 Wisconsin Ave Nw Ste 100, Washington, DC 20016-41182018-01-11Active
Dallin Glenn1100 New York Ave Nw Ste 600, Washington, DC 20005-61252018-01-05Active
Gedá Lea Jones HerbertNaacp Legal Defense & Education Fund Inc700 14th St Nw 6th Fl, Washington, DC 200052017-10-11Active
Neil Stephen Brown2020 Pennsylvania Ave Nw #236, Washington, DC 200062017-09-29Active
Wyatt Rawson GjullinEarthrights International1612 K St Nw Ste 800, Washington, DC 20006-28502017-09-22Active
Evan Kennith HewittInternal Revenue Service - Office of Chief Counsel1111 Constitution Ave Nw Rm 4137, Washington, DC 20224-00012017-08-03Active
Michael VlachosDc Capital Law700 12th St Nw Ste 700, Washington, DC 20005-40522017-06-28Active
Angela FosterPo Box 55, Washington, DC 20044-00552017-06-22Active
Meghann Kelly Teague Phd3303 20th St Ne, Washington, DC 20018-27232017-06-16Voluntarily Resigned
Simona Delia Antemie1901 C St Se Apt 35, Washington, DC 20003-26642017-05-18Active
Samuel Harrison Pogue150 Q St Ne Apt 1303, Washington, DC 20002-23802017-05-03Voluntarily Resigned
Rebecca Lily Yates1201 16th St Nw, Washington, DC 20036-32012017-03-15Active
Charles Robert StinsonThe Cullen Law Firm, Pllc1101 30th St Nw Ste 300, Washington, DC 20007-37702017-03-08Active
Sara Stringfellow1775 I St Nw Ste 600, Washington, DC 20006-24152017-03-01Suspended
Katheryn Jarvis EntersOppenheim + Zebrak, LLP, 4530 Wisconsin Ave Nw, Washington, DC 200162017-02-16Inactive
Kristopher Hon Kit Yue1400 Irving St Nw Apt 322, Washington, DC 20010-28712017-01-27Inactive
Katherine Elizabeth Jensen1660 L Street, Nw, 12th Floor, Washington, DC 200362017-01-06Active
Lisa Chong Castillo1 Columbus Cir Ne, Washington, DC 20002-46872017-01-06Active
Aaron Alva600 Pennsylvania Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20580-00022017-01-06Active
Anna Eglick BodiU.S. Department of Commerce1401 Constitution Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20230-00012016-11-18Active
Margaret Suzanne SholianPo Box 14198, Washington, DC 20044-41982016-10-21Active
Lisa Marie MeissnerHobbs Straus Dean & Walker, LLP1899 L St Nw Ste 1200, Washington, DC 200362016-10-21Inactive
Katie Carey1849 C St Nw, Washington, DC 20240-00012016-10-21Active
Hannah Somes Swanson1110 Vermont Ave Nw, Washington, DC 200052016-10-06Active
Daniel Corey OsherPerkins Coie LLP, 700 13th St. Nw, Washington, DC 200052016-10-06Active
Christian N Kaiser1919 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Ste 550, Washington, DC 20006-34072016-10-06Active
Kyle MalleryNixon Peabody LLP799 9th St Nw Ste 500, Washington, DC 20001-53272016-05-04Active
Tina Hye Jin HoOgletree Deakins1909 K St Nw Ste 1000, Washington, DC 20006-11342016-05-04Active
Vanessa Renee Brinkmann441 G Street Nw, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20530-00012016-03-24Active
Rachel Nicole Morrison3011 Gates Rd Nw, Washington, DC 20008-21182016-02-03Active
Caroline D Bisk426 Shepherd St Nw, Washington, DC 20011-59442016-02-03Active
Mary K Nelson2500 Q St Nw Apt 641, Washington, DC 20007-43662016-01-22Active
Christine Clark Wozniak1000 Maine Ave. Sw, Suite #450, Washington, DC 200242016-01-07Active
Kaitlyn Golden555 13th St Nw, Washington, DC 200042015-12-15Active
Shanna Elizabeth Fricklas2708 10th St Ne, Washington, DC 20018-17122015-12-04Voluntarily Resigned
Amanda Hsiao-Ying Brings1300 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Ste 190, Washington, DC 20004-30422015-11-06Active
Maureen Rose JohnstonUnited States Department of JusticeCivil Rights Division, Special Litigation Section, Washington, DC 20530-00012015-10-29Active
David John ShirkShirk Law Pllc1629 K St Nw Ste 300, Washington, DC 20006-16312015-09-25Active
Paul Wesley Deckard2010 Jackson St Ne, Washington, DC 20018-28312015-08-14Active
Amanda Craig901 K St Nw Fl 11, Washington, DC 20001-64412015-08-14Active
Hannah FarberHannah Farber712 H St Ne, Washington, DC 20002-36272015-06-11Active
Julian JohnsonU.S. Dept. of Health and Human ServicesDepartmental Appeals Board Ms 6127, Medicare Operations Division, Washington, DC 20201-00012015-05-13Active
Marshall Robert MoralesSidley Austin LLP1501 K St Nw Ste 600, Washington, DC 20005-14202015-05-01Inactive
Shon HopwoodGeorgetown University Law Center600 New Jersey Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20001-20222015-05-01Inactive
Keith Justin Masill1734 P St Nw Apt 46, Washington, DC 20036-13232015-04-01Voluntarily Resigned
Sharon S YangUs Dept of The Treasury, Washington, DC 20220-00012015-02-05Suspended
Anna SewellEarthjustice1001 G St, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 200012015-02-05Active
Yaida O. FordFord Law Pros P.C.10 G St Ne Ste 600, Washington, DC 20002-42532015-02-05Active
Bryson Keaokaalelewa Nitta250 K St Ne Apt 404, Washington, DC 20002-82142015-01-21Voluntarily Resigned
Nicholas J Hathaway1422 Morse St Ne, Washington, DC 20002-39702015-01-07Active
John Barlow2901 16th St Nw Apt 504, Washington, DC 20009-42712015-01-07Active
Robert Ranvir Singh ManhasColumbia Center, 1152 15th Street, N.w., Washington, DC 20005-17062014-12-01Active
Sean Maxwell Roberts801 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Ste 740, Washington, DC 20004-26702014-10-24Active
Benjamin Flick625 Indiana Ave Nw Ste 550, Washington, DC 20004-29012014-10-24Active
Juan Ivan Torres4223 Brandywine St Nw, Washington, DC 20016-45272014-10-20Voluntarily Resigned
Michael S. RobinsonNteu800 K Street, Nw, Suite 12-104, Washington, DC 200012014-10-20Active
Emily Marie WarrEqual Justice Works1730 M St Nw Ste 800, Washington, DC 20036-45512014-10-10Active
John Grant Rafter IIi1241 Evarts St Ne, Washington, DC 20018-37102014-05-13Active
Zachary Andrew MasonConsumer Financial Protection Bureau1700 G St Nw, Washington, DC 20552-00042014-02-20Active
Max Louis Stahlberg3801 Georgia Ave Nw Apt 407, Washington, DC 20011-58992014-02-12Active
Jennifer Ann BrewerArmy Office of The General Counsel104 Army Pentagon Rm 3c546, Washington, DC 20310-01042014-01-08Active