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Provider: Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA)
Jurisdiction: State of Washington

This dataset includes 60 thousand lawyers and legal practice officers licensed with Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts. Each entity is registered with license nubmer, full name, employer, practice location, contact information, admitted year, etc.

Search Results · Seattle

Lawyer NameCompany NameAddressAdmit DateLicense Status
Dianlyn Guevara Cenidoza8847 20th Ave Sw, Seattle, WA 98106-23232021-06-08Active
Shanna Un-Sook Chong712 E Denny Way Apt 201, Seattle, WA 98122-22412021-06-08Active
Kendall Scott Cowles Esq1301 2nd Ave Ste 2800, Seattle, WA 98101-38082021-06-08Active
Joshua Charles Dotson521 5th Ave W Unit 903, Seattle, WA 98119-39382021-06-08Active
Jessica Durney1427 11th Ave Unit 312, Seattle, WA 98122-48992021-06-08Active
Matthew Michael Dybas1201 3rd Ave Ste 4900, Seattle, WA 98101-30952021-06-08Active
Elizabeth Britta Forsyth810 3rd Ave Ste 610, Seattle, WA 98104-16452021-06-08Active
Amanda C Foster2424 Nw 63rd St, Seattle, WA 98107-24392021-06-08Active
William Tyosh Genschow5631 California Ave Sw Apt 304, Seattle, WA 98136-15492021-06-08Active
Noorean Ireland Gill925 4th Ave Ste 2500, Seattle, WA 98104-11532021-06-08Active
Tianyi L Goldberg Jd1200 Westlake Ave N Ste 707, Seattle, WA 98109-35292021-06-08Active
Makenna K Hoffard11355 3rd Ave Ne Apt C203, Seattle, WA 98125-85052021-06-08Active
Cindy Yuanjia Hong2644 Nw 58th St Unit A, Seattle, WA 98107-32492021-06-08Active
Maria Carmona Hull2400 Elliott Ave Apt 318, Seattle, WA 98121-13482021-06-08Active
Jonathan James Morris111 Terry Ave N Apt 611, Seattle, WA 98109-52972021-06-08Active
Jonathan De Perio Munro-HernandezWashington State Attorney General's Office800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000, Seattle, WA 981042021-06-08Active
Joshua Samuel Paul4730 University Way Ne Ste 104, Seattle, WA 98105-44242021-06-08Active
Erick QuezadaThe Blankenship Law Firm, Pllc1000 2nd Ave Ste 3250, Seattle, WA 98104-37712021-06-08Active
Antoine Julian Smith925 Fourth Avenue, Suite 3800, Seattle, WA 981042021-06-08Active
Colin W Van Dyke920 5th Ave Ste 3300, Seattle, WA 98104-16102021-06-08Active
Shreshta Samrat Velgonda400 Wall St Apt 220, Seattle, WA 98121-15452021-06-08Active
Wenyi Yin7517 31st Ave Ne, Seattle, WA 98115-47012021-06-08Active
Mahlet Mekonnen Zelleke401 2nd Ave S Ste 407, Seattle, WA 98104-38112021-06-08Active
Kelly ChristensenIntegrative Family Law901 5th Ave Ste 2800, Seattle, WA 98164-20692021-06-08Active
Sydney WunderlichChicago Title Company of Washington701 Fifth Ave., Suite 2300, Seattle, WA 981042021-05-27Active
Kendra GriecoRainier Title, LLC1501 4th Ave Ste 300, Seattle, WA 98101-16602021-05-27Active
Matthew MoraAmazon2021 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121-26012021-05-24Active
Karla Yahaira ValenzuelaAmazon2121 8th Ave, Seattle, WA 98170-00202021-05-24Active
Marialle A Bell901 5th Ave Ste 830, Seattle, WA 98164-20482021-05-17Active
Noel Ann Chapman Esq6000 16th Ave Sw, Seattle, WA 98106-14012021-05-17Active
William Cotter4504 31st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199-14192021-05-17Active
Ashley Grace Selvey Farhner1525 14th Ave Unit 706, Seattle, WA 98122-42592021-05-17Active
Robert R. Garcia999 3rd Ave Ste 4600, Seattle, WA 98104-40842021-05-17Active
Shelley Lynn Guidry1600 2nd Ave Apt 3704, Seattle, WA 98101-33512021-05-17Active
Gabrielle Jean Hanna820 Lenora St Unit 4003, Seattle, WA 98121-40792021-05-17Active
Macaulay Woolf Ivory1420 5th Ave Ste 3700, Seattle, WA 98101-40892021-05-17Active
Kathryn Lee Koch4541 34th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118-16032021-05-17Active
Matthew Thomas MacklinStratagem Law Group, Pllc720 Seneca St., Ste 107 Pmb 7, Seattle, WA 981012021-05-17Active
Danielle Nicholson1201 3rd Ave Ste 3800, Seattle, WA 98101-30872021-05-17Active
Stephanie Phillips701 5th Ave Ste 5100, Seattle, WA 98104-70362021-05-17Active
Alexander Judson Pierson1417 Nw 54th St Ste 200, Seattle, WA 98107-35722021-05-17Active
Maria Fernanda Rios Martinez2312 3rd Ave Unit 522, Seattle, WA 98121-17402021-05-17Active
Madeleine Ann Spencer601 E Pike St Unit 706, Seattle, WA 98122-54822021-05-17Active
Elizabeth Strunk1325 4th Ave Ste 1650, Seattle, WA 98101-25062021-05-17Active
Nicolas Sweeney3714 42nd Ave Sw, Seattle, WA 98116-38512021-05-17Active
Joy Morin-FalconTableau Software, A Saleforce Company1621 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103-91932021-05-13Active
Vanessa ShaughnessyPo Box 46296, Seattle, WA 98146-02962021-05-07Active
Justine W Chiu1700 7th Ave Ste 1900, Seattle, WA 98101-13552021-04-27Active
Danieli Evans2974 36th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144-62042021-04-27Active
Ananth Seshadri Iyengar2447 S Spencer St, Seattle, WA 98108-31522021-04-27Active
Patrick David Joyce Esq999 3rd Ave Ste 4700, Seattle, WA 98104-40412021-04-27Active
Michael L SmithCedar Law Pllc911 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 981222021-04-27Active
Jonathan Michael JagoeAmazon Services LLC410 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109-52102021-04-27Active
Liya Djamilova811 1st Ave Ste 456, Seattle, WA 98104-14292021-04-14Active
Rio Brittney Frame2101 4th Ave Ste 830, Seattle, WA 98121-23092021-04-14Active
Danielle Alvarado116 Warren Ave N Ste A, Seattle, WA 98109-49772021-03-31Active
Amanda A. AragonPo Box 19458, Seattle, WA 98109-14582021-03-31Active
Matthew Brandt207 17th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122-57042021-03-31Active
Mayra Alejandra Del Rio1823 Minor Ave Apt 906, Seattle, WA 98101-09212021-03-31Active
Jae Hyong Shim2121 8th Avenue, Seattle, WA 981212021-03-31Active
David Wakukawa312 11th Ave Apt 302, Seattle, WA 98122-53992021-03-31Active
Yinping Xu301 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101-99972021-03-31Active
Adam K Yowell701 5th Ave Ste 4200, Seattle, WA 98104-70472021-03-31Active
Erin Barni2427 W Boston St, Seattle, WA 98199-35032021-03-17Active
Stephanie Frazee1710 Warren Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109-28222021-03-17Active
Helena KovalKpmg LLP1918 8th Ave Ste 2900, Seattle, WA 98101-12592021-03-17Active
Bryn Resser Pallesen999 3rd Ave Ste 4400, Seattle, WA 98104-40222021-03-17Active
Rebecca Rose Singleton1820 E John St Apt A, Seattle, WA 98112-52352021-03-17Active
Tobias Douglas Tobler1191 2nd Ave Ste 2000, Seattle, WA 98101-34042021-03-17Active
Erin Laree Ferrell500 4th Ave Rm 320, Seattle, WA 98104-23372021-03-10Active
Seth Lichenstein-Hill3516 Ne 120th St, Seattle, WA 98125-56412021-03-10Active
Richard Grant Lockhart4021 Ne 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105-51352021-03-10Active
Robert Thomas Sills2411 Ne 70th St, Seattle, WA 98115-58252021-03-10Active
Wendy Simon-Pearson2288 W Commodore Way Ste 300, Seattle, WA 98199-14652021-03-10Active
Michelle Stockton1406 N Northgate Way Unit A, Seattle, WA 98133-89712021-03-10Active
Claire Hansen Suni925 4th Ave Ste 2900, Seattle, WA 98104-11582021-03-10Active
Kevin Wayne Bruning6815 35th Ave Nw, Seattle, WA 98117-61082021-03-02Active
Matthew S Coombs605 1st Ave Ste 330, Seattle, WA 98104-22242021-03-02Active
Robert Vernon Gunderson Jr970 Nw Elford Dr, Seattle, WA 98177-41252021-03-02Active
Jonathan Jacob Guss800 Fifth Ave Ste 2000, Seattle, WA 98104-31882021-03-02Active
Stefina Antonia Loeza523 Broadway E Apt 656, Seattle, WA 98102-53812021-03-02Active
Mallory Jordan Narang7524a 15th Ave Nw, Seattle, WA 98117-54542021-03-02Active
Craig Pacheco600 University St Ste 3600, Seattle, WA 98101-41092021-03-02Active
Robert Ruskell Wennagel II300 Lenora St, Seattle, WA 98121-24112021-03-02Active
Julia Criste Amsel1100 Olive Way Ste 1300, Seattle, WA 98101-18562021-02-18Active
Emily Ann Barnard1000 2nd Ave Ste 2930, Seattle, WA 98104-24562021-02-18Active
Michael David Jefferson920 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3300, Seattle, WA 981042021-02-18Active
Jared Kneitel1109 1st Ave Ste 210, Seattle, WA 98101-29612021-02-18Active
Keenan Vardra Layton8010 18th Ave Nw, Seattle, WA 98117-36222021-02-18Active
Mark Lee1201 Western Ave Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98101-29532021-02-18Active
Anastasia Maier6262 Ne Radford Dr Apt 3011, Seattle, WA 98115-87102021-02-18Active
John A SaloisPo Box 28629, Seattle, WA 98118-86292021-02-18Active
Phillip H Wang1001 4th Ave Ste 4500, Seattle, WA 98154-11922021-02-18Active
Charles William Adams2814 34th Ave W Unit C, Seattle, WA 98199-26342021-02-09Active
Morgan Elizabeth Carstensen2101 4th Ave Ste 2200, Seattle, WA 98121-23322021-02-09Active
Gregory Geist1601 5th Ave Ste 700, Seattle, WA 98101-16422021-02-09Active
Kimberly Lei Toh Kwan7315 6th Ave Nw, Seattle, WA 98117-49422021-02-09Active
Michael B Lasky5020 California Ave Sw Apt 717, Seattle, WA 98136-11612021-02-09Active
Amy Mandin4333 Wallingford Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103-75412021-02-09Active
Javier M. Mixco701 5th Ave Ste 5400, Seattle, WA 98104-70642021-02-09Active