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Provider: Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA)
Jurisdiction: State of Washington

This dataset includes 60 thousand lawyers and legal practice officers licensed with Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts. Each entity is registered with license nubmer, full name, employer, practice location, contact information, admitted year, etc.

Search Results · SAN FRANCISCO

Lawyer NameCompany NameAddressAdmit DateLicense Status
Daniel Joseph Burbach Jr1700 Owens St Ste 205, San Francisco, CA 94158-00062021-06-08Active
Cyndi K Wong380 14th St Apt 408, San Francisco, CA 94103-24962021-04-14Active
Derek Matthew Berry Esq626 Church St Apt 5, San Francisco, CA 94114-26422021-03-31Active
John-Paul Singh Deol177 Post St Ste 700, San Francisco, CA 94108-47252021-02-18Active
Ashlyn BoatwrightAlm Media149 New Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 941052021-02-09Active
Jeremy Jessup1438 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102-60042021-01-14Active
Neil Damron1350 Washington St Apt 23, San Francisco, CA 94109-41562020-11-23Active
Myell Jordan Mergaert450 Duboce Ave, Apt 14a, San Francisco, CA 941172020-11-23Active
Eric Hojoon Min425 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 941052020-09-22Active
Erin Bennett425 Market St Fl 26, San Francisco, CA 94105-54012020-08-26Active
Heather Margaret Jones90 7th St Ste 4800, San Francisco, CA 94103-67212020-07-28Active
Kathryn Kelly Miller4 Embarcadero Ctr Ste 1200, San Francisco, CA 94111-41952020-07-28Active
Alan Patrick Smith465 California St Ste 401, San Francisco, CA 94104-18122020-07-08Active
Jason Chase Beahm877 Bryant St Ste 300, San Francisco, CA 94103-47312020-06-23Active
Jessica Erin La Londe1 Market Plz Ste 2200, San Francisco, CA 94105-11272020-05-20Active
Alfred Lang Sanderson Jr560 Mission St Ste 3100, San Francisco, CA 94105-29922020-05-08Active
Merri Anne Baldwin311 California St Fl 10, San Francisco, CA 94104-26952020-03-11Active
Jennifer Lauren Alesio455 Market St Ste 2220, San Francisco, CA 94105-24462020-02-21Active
Nathaniel M. Simons201 Mission St Ste 2700, San Francisco, CA 94105-18402020-02-21Active
David Ray Hedges EsqFacebook, Inc.181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA 941052020-02-13Active
Edward Roger Hugo Jd240 Stockton St Fl 8, San Francisco, CA 94108-53252020-01-17Active
Gregg Aaron Myers201 Spear St Ste 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105-61642020-01-13Active
Susan Elizabeth SmithBeveridge & Diamond, PC456 Montgomery St Ste 1800, San Francisco, CA 94104-12712019-11-21Active
Jessica J Ross535 Pacific Ave Ste 101, San Francisco, CA 94133-46352019-08-26Active
Noah Matthew Jennings3 Embarcadero Ctr Ste 2800, San Francisco, CA 94111-40722019-07-24Active
Gerald Paul Gendron101 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105-15792019-07-12Active
Jonathan Matkowsky22 Battery St 10th Floor, San Francisco, CA 941112019-05-23Active
Porter Hillyer Nolan460 Bryant St Fl 3, San Francisco, CA 94107-25952019-02-27Active
David Christopher Parisi100 Pine St Ste 1250, San Francisco, CA 94111-52352018-11-07Active
Francis Torrence525 Market St Ste 1700, San Francisco, CA 94105-27252018-09-21Active
Gene Kyu Park1 Market Plz Fl 5, San Francisco, CA 94105-10052018-09-11Active
Minh Nguyen Hoang32 Dawnview Way, San Francisco, CA 94131-16082018-08-10Active
Jason E. Fellner580 California St Ste 1100, San Francisco, CA 94104-10322018-08-10Active
Stacey Leyton177 Post St Ste 300, San Francisco, CA 94108-47972018-06-29Active
Kristin Lee O'Hanlon101 California St Fl 5, San Francisco, CA 94111-58002018-06-22Active
Elizabeth Amanda MartinSpire Global, Inc.251 Rhode Island St Ste 204, San Francisco, CA 94103-51682018-06-06Active
Caspar I Chan160 Spear St Ste 800, San Francisco, CA 94105-15452018-03-08Inactive
Crystal Rose Toctocan DunnPo Box 26449, San Francisco, CA 94126-64492017-11-21Inactive
Alysia Janel Harris888 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 941032017-11-13Active
Geoffrey Austin WrightSplunk Inc.270 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94107-20072017-10-11Active
Kellen Clare Hassold333 Bush St Ste 1700, San Francisco, CA 94104-28312017-09-22Active
Jeffrey Quinn-Cane580 California St Ste 1500, San Francisco, CA 94104-10362017-05-31Active
James Prenton580 California St Ste 1200, San Francisco, CA 94104-10332017-05-18Active
Martin Patrick Stratte2 Embarcadero Ctr Fl 5, San Francisco, CA 94111-38132017-02-03Voluntarily Resigned
Christopher Michael FosterMcdermott Will & Emery415 Mission Street, Suite 5600, San Francisco, CA 94105-25332017-01-20Active
Pavel KrepkiyAnna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc.601 Montgomery St Ste 2000, San Francisco, CA 94111-26912017-01-13Voluntarily Resigned
Guy Emerson Noyes Esq466 36th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121-16122017-01-06Active
Philip Taesan Kim235 Pine St Ste 900, San Francisco, CA 94104-27512016-10-13Inactive
Sun Taek KimAxiom1000 Sansome St Ste 350, San Francisco, CA 94111-13392016-10-06Active
Shane LuncefordLendingclub71 Stevenson St Ste 300, San Francisco, CA 94105-29852016-08-30Inactive
Stephanie S Chow601 California St Ste 750, San Francisco, CA 94108-28122016-08-15Inactive
Meghan R. Mcmeel456 Montgomery St Ste 1600, San Francisco, CA 94104-12492016-08-04Active
Robert Ragsdale CpaPricewaterhousecoopers LLP3 Embarcadero Ctr Fl 18, San Francisco, CA 94111-40172016-06-20Active
Morgan Elyse LeeBerry Appleman & Leiden LLP50 California St Fl 2, San Francisco, CA 94111-46322016-05-24Active
Spencer J. RaffPragmatica Law LLP2 Embarcadero Ctr Fl 8, San Francisco, CA 94111-38332016-03-04Active
Nicholas Tokiuki NiiroCity and County of San FranciscoPo Box 8097, San Francisco, CA 94128-80972016-01-07Inactive
Kimberly Ann WellsEnvironmental Protection Agency75 Hawthorne St., San Francisco, CA 941052015-12-04Active
Claire Powell Rowland EsqNixon Peabody LLP1 Embarcadero Ctr Fl 32, San Francisco, CA 941112015-12-04Active
Todd Philip Smithline300 Montgomery St Ste 1000, San Francisco, CA 94104-19122015-11-17Active
Andrew Weiss Noble601 Montgomery St Ste 750, San Francisco, CA 94111-26112015-11-17Active
Christopher Anthony Stecher450 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 941332015-10-29Active
Katie Marie SlussTwitter1355 Market Street, Suite 910, San Francisco, CA 941032015-10-20Active
Jennifer ChoiDannis Woliver Kelley275 Battery St Ste 1150, San Francisco, CA 94111-33332015-10-09Voluntarily Resigned
Julia Mandeville DamascoMiller Kaplan Arase275 Battery St Ste 1800, San Francisco, CA 94111-33462015-10-09Active
Matthew Pogar865 Corbett Ave Apt 3, San Francisco, CA 94131-13682015-10-01Inactive
Laura Weissbein2875 25th St Apt 1, San Francisco, CA 94110-42642015-09-18Voluntarily Resigned
Valerie Mae Quesada2639 24th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116-30392015-09-18Active
Julie Leann TaylorKeesal, Young & Logan450 Pacific Ave Fl 3, San Francisco, CA 94133-46452015-07-20Active
Andrew John Caborn100 Montgomery St Ste 800, San Francisco, CA 94104-43712015-07-20Inactive
Anitha Anne3 Embarcadero Ctr Fl 20, San Francisco, CA 94111-40042015-07-20Active
Adriana Sherwood260 California St Ste 700, San Francisco, CA 94111-43792015-05-29Active
Cynthia Baumann TermeSalesforce50 Fremont St Ste 300, San Francisco, CA 94105-22312015-05-22Terminated
Kristi Leigh Kasey YoungManning Gross + Massenburg201 Spear St Fl 18, San Francisco, CA 94105-16372015-05-21Active
Edward Britan415 Mission St Fl 3, San Francisco, CA 94105-25042015-03-25Active
Alexander Eugene PotenteClyde & Co Us LLP4 Embarcadero Ctr Ste 1350, San Francisco, CA 94111-59192015-03-06Active
Robin Kandell PaulinoTafapolsky & Smith LLP90 New Montgomery Street, 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA 941052015-01-30Inactive
Christopher Thomas Tirrell5 3rd St Ste 1100, San Francisco, CA 94103-32122015-01-14Inactive
Adam Lewis Shevell139 Townsend St Ste 150, San Francisco, CA 94107-19352014-11-21Active
Nga Nguyen255 California St #1000, San Francisco, CA 941112014-10-24Active
Heran Medhin71 Stevenson St Ste 600, San Francisco, CA 94105-29662014-10-20Inactive
Kenneth Louis Strocsher510 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94103-49182014-10-10Active
Andrew James Isbester2 Embarcadero Ctr Ste 1900, San Francisco, CA 94111-39042014-06-30Active
Desean GarnettUs Epa Orc-275 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA 941052014-06-10Voluntarily Resigned
Jay Benjamin Gould EsqWinston & Strawn LLP101 California St Ste 3500, San Francisco, CA 94111-58942014-03-24Active
Catherine Whittle DeloreyGordon Rees Scully Mansukhani LLP275 Battery St Ste 2000, San Francisco, CA 94111-33612014-03-24Inactive
Linda Wendell HsuSelman Breitman LLP33 New Montgomery St Fl 6, San Francisco, CA 94105-45372014-01-28Active
Robert Glenn Engel525 Market St Fl 17, San Francisco, CA 94105-27252013-11-21Active
Alyson L PalmerGoogle LLC201 Spear St Ste 600, San Francisco, CA 94105-16952013-11-14Active
Albert Lawrence Thuesen IIiCoit Law Group75 Broadway Ste 202, San Francisco, CA 94111-14232013-10-01Inactive
Christopher James DonewaldAffirm, Inc.650 California St Fl 12, San Francisco, CA 94108-27162013-06-03Active
Lacey Camille Shoff1 Bush St Fl 18, San Francisco, CA 94104-44242013-01-28Active
Jonathan Michael Freeman233 Sansome St Ste 600, San Francisco, CA 94104-23122013-01-18Active
Aeryn S.c. PalmerWikimedia Foundation1 Montgomery St Ste 1600, San Francisco, CA 94104-55162012-12-03Active
Jared Brent FongMufg Union Bank, N.a.350 California Street, San Francisco, CA 941042012-01-23Active
Margie LariviereState Compensation Insurance Fund333 Bush St Ste 800, San Francisco, CA 94104-28452012-01-23Active
Michael Alan SwettDentons Us LLP1 Market Plz Fl 24, San Francisco, CA 94105-11022012-01-09Active
Jonathan M BaumClarence Dyer & Cohen LLP899 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA 94109-78072011-12-01Active
Ziyong LiQuinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP50 California St Ste 2200, San Francisco, CA 94111-47882011-12-01Active
Noel Luke111 Sutter St Ste 600, San Francisco, CA 94104-45122011-09-06Active
Marianne Elizabeth Dutton490 Illinois St, San Francisco, CA 94143-25102011-07-06Active