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Provider: Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA)
Jurisdiction: State of Washington

This dataset includes 60 thousand lawyers and legal practice officers licensed with Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts. Each entity is registered with license nubmer, full name, employer, practice location, contact information, admitted year, etc.

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Lawyer NameCompany NameAddressAdmit DateLicense Status
Ariel Heath Stavitsky760 Sw 9th Ave Ste 3000, Portland, OR 97205-25872021-06-08Active
Maria Witt1 Sw Columbia St Ste 1850, Portland, OR 97204-40402021-06-08Active
Edward Thomas DeckerMiller Nash LLP111 Sw 5th Ave Ste 3400, Portland, OR 97204-36142021-05-17Active
Jonathan Parker Edwards Esq1177 Sw Market St Apt 1405, Portland, OR 97201-35102021-05-17Active
Richard Paul FreudOregon Department of Justice100 Sw Market St, Portland, OR 972012021-05-17Active
Mina Morkos2035 Nw Front Ave Ste 300, Portland, OR 97209-21782021-05-17Active
Stephen Thorpe121 Sw Morrison St Ste 1850, Portland, OR 97204-31202021-05-17Active
Lindsey Ann Adegbite1211 Sw 5th Ave Ste 2850, Portland, OR 97204-37332021-04-27Active
Lynne Ilana Dzubow Esq1430 Nw Hoyt St Apt 211, Portland, OR 97209-22832021-04-27Active
Benjamin Wright Haile4914 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217-26582021-04-27Active
Charlene Justine Scheidt Esq121 Sw Morrison St Ste 500, Portland, OR 97204-31352021-04-27Active
Felesha Irene Patrice Valdez-Parenti1500 Sw First Ave Ste 1020, Portland, OR 97201-58822021-04-27Active
Nicholas Edwin Wheeler900 Sw 5th Ave Ste 2400, Portland, OR 97204-12112021-04-27Active
Andrew Ginis10300 Sw Greenburg Rd Ste 500, Portland, OR 97223-54182021-04-14Active
Adam Nathaniel Mentzer10535 Ne Glisan St Ste 200, Portland, OR 97220-40952021-04-14Active
Margaret Clair Wykowski1000 Sw 3rd Ave Ste 740, Portland, OR 97204-29372021-04-14Active
Susan Louise Baek2351 Nw Westover Rd Unit 408, Portland, OR 97210-37812021-03-31Active
Elyse Marie LopezSbh Legal1200 Sw Main St, Portland, OR 97205-20402021-03-31Active
Nikesh J. Patel1120 Nw Couch St Fl 10, Portland, OR 97209-41282021-03-31Active
Iain R. M. Armstrong888 Sw 5th Ave Ste 900, Portland, OR 97204-20232021-03-17Active
Michael Hendrick Jones1300 Sw 5th Ave Ste 3400, Portland, OR 97201-56402021-03-17Active
Thomas Karnes1405 Se Sherrett St, Portland, OR 97202-71332021-03-10Active
Caleb Mammen1635 Nw Johnson St, Portland, OR 97209-23102021-03-10Active
Lindsey Elizabeth Marsh1050 Sw 6th Ave Ste 1100, Portland, OR 97204-11532021-03-10Active
Christopher Thomas Griffith2177 Sw Broadway, Portland, OR 972012021-02-18Active
Victoria Martha Hines111 Sw Columbia St Ste 1150, Portland, OR 97201-58662021-02-18Active
Edward Alexander Kroll3509 Sw Custer St, Portland, OR 97219-16522021-02-18Active
Emily Maass600 Nw Naito Pkwy Ste G, Portland, OR 97209-37012021-02-18Active
Justin T Rusk1000 Sw Broadway Ste 1500, Portland, OR 97205-30812021-02-18Active
Miranda Russell7015 N Greenwich Ave, Portland, OR 97217-54432021-02-18Active
Amber Beyer900 Sw Fifth Ave, 24th Floor, Portland, OR 972042021-02-09Active
Stacie Lee Damazo Jd851 Sw 6th Ave Ste 1500, Portland, OR 97204-13522021-02-09Active
Garrett Alan Wright7206 N Fenwick Ave, Portland, OR 97217-56562021-02-09Active
Irion Sanger1041 Se 58th Pl, Portland, OR 97215-27562021-01-26Active
Marlene Ella Findling2105 Ne Cesar E Chavez Blvd Ste 250, Portland, OR 97212-54342021-01-14Active
Trisha Thompson601 Sw 2nd Ave Ste 1800, Portland, OR 97204-31712020-12-22Active
Daniel Francesco Bugni425 Nw 10th Ave Ste 200, Portland, OR 97209-31282020-11-23Active
Connor David King200 Sw Market St Ste 1800, Portland, OR 97201-57452020-11-23Active
Daniel Casey Dineen80 Se Madison St Ste 310, Portland, OR 97214-45272020-11-18Active
Melissa Anne Ray May900 Sw 5th Ave Ste 2500, Portland, OR 97204-12112020-11-18Active
Dominic Michael Sagona2106 Ne 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97212-43142020-11-18Active
Dan SharpGreenlight Law Group4614 S Kelly Ave Ste 300, Portland, OR 972392020-11-18Active
Sara Ann Winter115 Nw 1st Ave Ste 400, Portland, OR 97209-40242020-11-18Active
Marisa Michelle Moneyhun319 Sw Washington St Ste 614, Portland, OR 97204-26192020-10-27Active
Elizabeth Catherine Aaberg836 S Curry St Unit 1106, Portland, OR 97239-47562020-10-15Active
Kelsey Mary Benedick121 Sw Morrison St Ste 700, Portland, OR 97204-31832020-10-15Active
Brendan Arden Burke6501 Sw Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239-35532020-10-15Active
Jeffrey Hern1211 Sw 5th Ave Ste 1900, Portland, OR 97204-37192020-10-15Active
Gemma Wilson1100 Sw 6th Ave Ste 1600, Portland, OR 97204-10172020-10-15Active
Brianna Whitney Kalk121 Sw Morrison St Ste 600, Portland, OR 97204-31362020-09-22Active
Stephan Ray Clement100 Sw Market St Ste 110, Portland, OR 97201-57232020-09-11Active
Ellen Margaret RallRall & Ortiz LLC9700 Sw Capitol Hwy Ste 120, Portland, OR 97219-52742020-09-01Active
Adam T. Adkin888 Sw 5th Ave Ste 1600, Portland, OR 97204-20302020-08-26Active
Christina Andreoni111 Sw Columbia St Ste 950, Portland, OR 97201-58412020-08-26Active
Peter Douglas HawkesAngeli Law Group121 Sw Morrison St Ste 400, Portland, OR 97204-31342020-08-26Active
David Hori920 Sw 6th Ave Ste 600, Portland, OR 97204-12462020-08-26Active
Bruce Vincent Lepore915 Nw 19th Ave Ste H, Portland, OR 97209-14742020-08-26Active
Anna Rachella Buono1300 Sw 5th Ave Ste 2400, Portland, OR 97201-56822020-07-28Active
James Huegli101 Sw Main St Ste 1900, Portland, OR 97204-32272020-07-28Active
Westbrook Mary Johnson5220 Ne Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213-25632020-07-28Active
Ho Peter Evans520 Sw 6th Ave Ste 1050, Portland, OR 97204-15122020-07-08Active
Kyle L Grant1515 Sw 5th Ave Ste 600, Portland, OR 97201-54492020-07-08Active
Jonathan David Killoran5530 Se Mitchell St, Portland, OR 97206-48442020-06-23Active
Robert Paul Mecklenborg Jr121 Sw Morrison St Ste 1100, Portland, OR 97204-31412020-06-23Active
Marija Vacura Boise2815 Ne Alameda St, Portland, OR 97212-16212020-06-05Active
Leslie Nicole Boro921 Sw Washington St Ste 370, Portland, OR 97205-28242020-06-05Active
Lia Catherine ComerfordEarthrise Law Center At Lewis and Clark Law School10101 S Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR 97219-77622020-06-05Active
Kathleen Marie Gargan1737 Ne Alberta St Ste 208, Portland, OR 97211-58902020-06-05Active
Andrew Thomas Gust111 Sw 5th Ave Ste 3650, Portland, OR 97204-36552020-06-05Active
Amanda Sarah Holder1 Sw Columbia St Ste 1800, Portland, OR 97204-40002020-06-05Active
Alysha Dee Van Zante10260 Sw Greenburg Road, Lincoln Tower, Suite 1250, Portland, OR 972232020-06-05Active
John Alexander Barr101 Sw Main St Ste 1600, Portland, OR 97204-32242020-05-20Active
Mai-Anh Tran Nako1000 Sw Broadway Ste 1080, Portland, OR 97205-30552020-05-20Active
Eric Douglas Oldham9710 Sw 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97219-51372020-05-20Active
Emma Bruden1300 Se Stark St Ste 202, Portland, OR 97214-24712020-05-08Active
Alexandra Thompson Devendra511 Sw 10th Ave Ste 1108, Portland, OR 97205-27132020-05-08Active
Amanda-Ann Bryan1 Sw Columbia St Ste 800, Portland, OR 97204-40222020-05-08Active
Emerson Lenon12909 Sw 68th Pkwy Ste 290, Portland, OR 97223-84962020-05-08Active
Eric James Wieland111 Sw 5th Ave Ste 3800, Portland, OR 97204-36422020-05-08Active
Sarah Carlin Ames121 Sw Morrison St Fl 11, Portland, OR 97204-31412020-04-23Active
Nicole Boyle EricksonNicole B. Erickson, Attorney At Law, LLC6915 S Macadam Ave Ste 250, Portland, OR 97219-23902020-04-23Active
Jason Richard Polen EsqFortify Law LLC401 Ne 19th Ave Ste 200, Portland, OR 97232-48002020-04-07Active
Alan Pasternack6029 Ne 29th Ave, Portland, OR 972112020-03-24Active
Russell George Gomm1215 Se 8th Ave Ste F, Portland, OR 97214-34972020-03-06Active
Peter Bryan Janci Esq1200 Nw Naito Pkwy Ste 500, Portland, OR 97209-28292020-03-06Active
Toni Georganne Kelich6312 Sw Capitol Hwy, Suite 403, Portland, OR 972392020-03-06Active
David Niebauer5303 Ne 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 972112020-03-06Active
Catherine Elizabeth DowellOld Republic Escrow of Vancouver1 Sw Columbia St Ste 750, Portland, OR 97258-20152020-02-24Active
Kyle Rohrer900 Sw Fifth Avenue, 24th Floor, Portland, OR 972042020-02-21Active
Baris Emek Sunat Tatar6025 Se Harrison St, Portland, OR 97215-34442020-02-13Active
Lisa Marie Manson Vickery111 Sw 5th Ave Ste 4040, Portland, OR 97204-36432020-02-13Active
Trevor Ryan Caldwell601 Sw 2nd Ave Ste 2300, Portland, OR 97204-31592020-02-03Active
Emily Anne JohnsonStoll Berne209 Sw Oak Street, Suite 500, Portland, OR 972042020-02-03Active
Caitlin Sophia Laumaker825 Ne 20th Ave Ste 330, Portland, OR 97232-10002020-02-03Active
Jessica Marie LancasterC/O Chock Barhoum LLP121 Sw Morrison St, Ste 415/500, Portland, OR 972042020-01-24Active
Sarah Anne Browne1327 Se Tacoma St, Portland, OR 97202-66392020-01-13Active
Lee Ann Donaldson4504 S Corbett Ave Ste 200, Portland, OR 97239-65032020-01-13Active
Kevin Eike Jd9830 Sw Mckenzie St, Portland, OR 97223-51432020-01-13Active
Anna Elizabeth Esfeld222 Sw Columbia St Ste 650, Portland, OR 97201-66142020-01-13Active
Nina Corine Stone Jd602 Colonial Dr, Portland, TX 78374-40072020-01-13Active