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Search Results · GIG HARBOR

Lawyer NameCompany NameAddressAdmit DateLicense Status
Noah Taher Ghods3213 White Cloud Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-76762020-09-22Active
Michael Peter GilbertPouncelaw LLC4810 Point Fosdick Drive #412, Gig Harbor, WA 983352020-08-26Active
Katrina A. InghamRainier Title, LLC5775 Soundview Dr Ste 201a, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-20542020-05-15Active
Roderick Ross HallPo Box 1984, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-39842020-02-03Active
Jordan Holland Jentz11238 Borgen Loop, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-57122019-10-11Active
Ronald Leeroy Ulmen Jr6504 121st St Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-86832019-10-07Active
David Noel Ruben5124 86th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-61682019-08-09Active
Krista MayneFirst American Title4907 Point Fosdick Dr Ste E400, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-18422019-05-28Active
Russell D. Brunelle7203 78th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-62952019-05-07Active
Shannon Lee Hadeed JdRobinson & Hadeed Ps9014 Peacock Hill Ave Ste 200, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-10292018-10-29Active
David Charles ClarkeClarke Law OfficePo Box 1486, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-34862018-01-31Active
Cameron Lee LongPo Box 221, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-02212017-11-15Active
Jonathan Royal13207 55th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-92902017-10-17Active
Thomas Gregory Farrow8405 45th St Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-61622017-10-11Active
Jeffrey Blake Habersetzer11505 Burnham Dr Ste 301, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-91732017-09-22Active
Patricia Elizabeth LinkPrivate Practice Transitions Inc3118 Judson St Unit 1371, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-92632017-07-14Active
Lori M Maxwell3903 26th Avenue Ct, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-79382017-05-03Active
Kira Meshawn Rubel3615 Harborview Dr Ste C, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-21652017-01-06Active
Beth Billing Acken3103 79th Avenue Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-60642016-11-22Active
Mark Jeffrey Davis7191 Wagner Way Nw Ste 202, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-69092016-10-13Active
Kameron Andrew Hillstrom11021 Cramer Rd Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98329-57792015-10-09Active
Marc Andrew MosesLaw Office of Marc Andrew Moses5790 Soundview Dr Ste 201d, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-21132015-09-18Active
Milan Samargya10281 Sentinel Loop, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-51042015-06-26Voluntarily Resigned
Stephen D. Dadabo7512 Stanich Ln Ste 5, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-51272015-04-30Active
Anne Adams Mullen Jd4810 Point Fosdick Dr #119, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17112014-10-30Active
David Kenneth Myers JrMyers Harbor Law, Pllc3208 50th Street Ct Ste A205, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-85852014-10-20Active
Jennifer Ruth Takos13211 82nd Avenue Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98329-88492014-10-20Active
Alysha Boysen HulstHulst Legal, Pllc3202 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-21252014-10-10Active
Bianca Iulia Alexander EsqLaw Offices of Bianca Alexander11010 Harbor Hill Dr Nw Ste B, # 110, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-89532014-05-13Active
Camilla Rose Brocker11815 10th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-96412013-10-07Active
Jennifer Anne SorensenMalarchick & Sorensen4423 Point Fosdick Dr Ste 302, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17942013-09-23Active
Matthew John Ley8307 87th Street Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-67432013-06-03Active
Meggan Marie Decker4021 35th Ave, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-84782013-05-23Active
Bryon Swen GuymonHarbor Family Law GroupPo Box 2416, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-44162013-05-23Active
Justin Brad StiefelHeritage Distilling Company4021 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-21332013-05-06Active
Kasper SorensenMalarchick & Sorensen4423 Point Fosdick Dr Nw Ste 302, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17942013-01-18Active
Kira L TruebenbachColvos Law, Pllc9017 1/2 Peacock Hill Ave, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-10232012-08-28Active
Michelle L Hankins11412 189th Avenue Court Kp N, Gig Harbor, WA 98329-54482012-06-22Active
Dayle Pamela Hartung12918 50th Avenue Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-78302012-06-15Terminated
Megan D Failla6320 65th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-66912012-01-23Active
Emily Marie SchultzPo Box 661, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-06612012-01-09Active
Tera IrelandPo Box 2713, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-47132011-12-21Active
Daniel Joseph Miller JrCampbell & Miller Pllc7117 Stinson Ave Ste B, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-49022011-12-01Active
Mary Elizabeth SolanLaw Offices of M. Elizabeth SolanPo Box 2183, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-41832011-12-01Active
Matthew Munro Parman6100 Soundview Dr Apt 13c, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-20682011-04-26Active
Aaron Michael Riggio10224 Sentinel Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-51052010-11-10Active
John Edward Kincaide11010 Harbor Hill Dr Nw, #b302, Gig Harbor, WA 983322010-11-05Active
Kurtis StrovinkStrovink Law, PCPo Box 864, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-08642010-11-05Active
Michael Charles Hummel114 Point Fosdick Cir Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-78182010-03-04Inactive
Justin D FarmerPrivate Practice Transitions, Inc.3118 Judson St, Po Box 1371, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-99982009-11-03Active
Patrick Hollister2114 95th Street Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-95872009-06-26Active
Ralph Wilhem FlickThe Law Offices of Ralph W Flick Ps4423 Point Fosdick Dr Ste 100-7, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17942009-06-17Active
Karen Christine Calderon-LowrieTicor Title Company5775 Soundview Dr Ste 201b, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-22122009-05-13Active
Anne Marie Vaughan9412 Beachwood Dr Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-63062009-03-17Active
Cherry Lee Davis3702 Hunt St Nw Spc 39, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-82582008-05-15Suspended
Rebecca Lawless6517 54th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-74932007-11-20Active
Anthony J Zorich JrHarbor Family Law Group2615 Jahn Ave Nw Ste E7, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-79972007-11-07Active
Suzanne Katie Blais1527 Valley Dr Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-95222007-06-19Inactive
Rhonda Burnett5013 Bridlepath Dr Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-88672007-01-12Active
Erin M Gatherum7812 Stinson Ave, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-11452006-11-16Active
Gary M AllisonAllison Law Group LLPPo Box 2776, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-47762006-11-16Active
Alexandra A Filutowski6565 Kimball Dr Ste 200, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-12062006-11-02Active
Mark D NelsonLaw Office of Mark D. Nelson, Pllc2727 Hollycroft St Ste 460, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-13122006-10-18Active
Cindy Lou Greene13606 26th Avenue Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-94142006-05-24Revoked
Richard Paul PatrickRichard P. Patrick, Attorney At Law5358 33rd Ave Ste 102, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17732005-11-10Active
Thomas Joseph Hoolihan4720 133rd St Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-88872005-09-15Active
Nichole Marie Hurley182 Raft Island Dr Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-59992005-08-16Active
Jennifer L Hommedieu Stankus5114 Point Fosdick Dr Ste F, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17342005-07-27Inactive
Thomas A HoegenDragonfire Law Offices LLC14007 Lakeview Way N, Gig Harbor, WA 98329-46292005-06-16Deceased
Laura BaumannHeritage Distilling Company3120 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-21242005-06-15Active
Richard L BellOlympic Patent Works, Pllc4979 Admiral St, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-45092005-06-08Active
Jeanne L. Colchin4519 158th St Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-90512005-06-02Voluntarily Cancelled
Jennifer Lynn Sievers5623 135th Street Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-81142004-11-15Active
Mary S Hood10211 123rd St Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98329-69162004-09-20Active
Robert Alan Way SrOffice of Robert A. Way Sr.Po Box 1402, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-34022004-05-26Voluntarily Resigned
Jennifer Kim LesmezLaw Offices of Jennifer Lesmez5800 Soundview Dr Ste B104, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-20572003-12-02Active
Cheryl A. Burris15505 176th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98329-53432003-11-25Inactive
Lt Karen Robertson-Remer10507 Fawn Dr Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-95102003-11-13Terminated
Thaddeus Dale SikesSikes Law Firm4423 Point Fosdick Dr Ste 100-9, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17942003-11-13Active
James A Schoenberger JrLojas Pllc4402 157th St Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-90312003-06-10Voluntarily Resigned
Yolanda Mamie Sayles3503 Fox Ct, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-80812002-11-13Active
Nathaniel Ryan SchlicherSchlicher Physician Services4615 77th Ave Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-65322002-11-04Active
Nathan D SukhiaGig Harbor Law5800 Soundview Dr Ste C101, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-20772001-11-19Active
Arlys H Bosselmann2706 88th Street Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-75332001-11-19Voluntarily Resigned
Terry Allen VennebergAttorney At LawPo Box 562, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-05622001-07-20Active
Jean ToojianPo Box 1993, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-39932001-06-14Voluntarily Resigned
Jill I. RobertsFidelity National Title Insurance Company5201 Olympic Dr Nw Ste 170, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-17782001-05-22Active
Kathryn Blaire Olson4755 Dunbar Dr Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-80262001-04-23Active
Herbert Stuart Kebre2832 18th Avenue Ct Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-79472001-02-26Active
Brian Louis Mccormick9811 43rd Ave, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-78352000-11-17Active
David C Gillman7503 Shaw Ln, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-12702000-09-25Active
Heather A Tucci-Jarraf8805 N Harborview Dr Ste 201, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-21462000-09-25Voluntarily Resigned
John E Zehnder JrZehnder Law LLP6625 Wagner Way Nw Ste 203, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-83921999-11-12Active
Carl Park ColbertLaw Offices of Carl Colbert Ltd PCPo Box 327, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-03271999-05-10Active
Erin Healy Hammond5790 Soundview Dr Ste 201e, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-21131999-01-25Active
Maryanne SpenceChicago Title Insurance Company3304 Rosedale St Nw Ste 100, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-18051999-01-01Active
Joseph P ZehnderZehnder Law LLP6625 Wagner Way Ste 203, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-83921998-11-18Active
Jennifer K Kramer2806 Slippery Hill Dr Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98332-95531998-10-20Inactive
Cynthia Anne KennedyLaw Offices of Cynthia Anne Kennedy PllcPo Box 1477, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-34771998-10-20Active
Adam Philip TalmadgeApt Medical Consulting Corp2713 60th St Nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-13611998-07-29Inactive